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159 listings found:

Name Location Phone
M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feather Inc. Hauppauge, NY 212-695-9470 more
M. Schwartz & Gettinger Feather, Inc. Hauppauge, NY 212-695-9470 more
m2 New York, NY 212-213-4004 more
M2 Measure Media New York, NY 213-328-3248 more
Mac Tech LED Lighting Sylmar, CA 818-771-1281 more
Macguffin Films, Ltd. New York, NY 212-529-3100 more
MacKenzie Cutler New York, NY 212-979-2722 more
Mad Doggie Productions Mount Kisco, NY 914-772-7886 more
Magno Lab-Link, Inc. New York, NY (212) 302-2505 more
Magno Review 1 & 2 New York, NY 212-302-2505 more
Magno Sound & Video New York, NY 212-302-2505 more
Maimonides Medical Center Brooklyn, NY 718-283-1360 more
Maine Film Office Augusta, ME 207-624-9828 more
Maine International Film Festival Waterville, ME 207-861-8138 more
Majestic Motion Picture Technology New York, NY 212-477-1147 more
Majestic Prompting New York, NY 212-470-7133 more
Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists / IATSE Local 798 New York, NY 212-627-0660 more
MAM-A INC. Colorado Springs, CO 888-MAM-DISC more
MAM-A Inc. Colorado Springs, CO 888-626-3472 more
Mammoth Production Packages, Inc. Rochester, NY 585-738-7550 more
Manfrotto Upper Saddle River, NJ 201-818-9500 more
Manhattan Edit Workshop New York, NY 212-414-9570 more
Manhattan Neighborhood Network - MNN New York, NY 212-757-2670x307 more
Manhattan Production Music New York, NY 212-333-5766 more
Mantiques Modern New York, NY 212-206-1494 more
Marc USA Chicago, IL 312-321-9000 more
Marc USA Pittsburgh, PA 412-562-2000 more
Marchand Media New York, NY 212-974-8411 more
Marci Juett Transcription Frankfort, KY 502-695-3621 more
Marcus Thomas LLC Cleveland, OH 216-292-4700 more
Mardee Co., Inc. South Plainfield, NJ 908-753-4343 more
Margeotes Fertitta Powell New York, NY 212-605-8000 more
Mark Haefeli Productions New York & Montclair, NY 212-334-2164 more
Markertek Video Supply Saugerties, NY 800-522-2025 more
MarketMAPS Wellsboro, PA 888-434-6277 more
Marquee Entertainment Casting , 305-945-1000 more
Marshall Electronics Inc. Torrance, CA 310-333-0606 more
Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival Vineyard Haven, MA 508-696-9369 more
Martin Agency Richmond, VA 804-698-8000 more
Martin Benn & Associates New York, NY 212-765-4766 more
Martin Williams Minneapolis, MN 612-340-0800 more
MartiniCaruso Productions New York, NY 646-918-7217 more
Maryland Film Office Baltimore, MD 410-767-6340 more
Massachusetts Film Office Boston, MA 617- 973-8400 more
Massivemedia New York, NY (323) 5779733 more
Matlin Recording, Inc. New York, NY 516-521-6120 more
Maui Film Office Wailuku, HI 808-270-7415 more
MaxPro Leasing, LLC Irvine, CA (888) 328-4319 more
MBP Image Display Services West Caldwell, NJ 800-622-2224 more
MCA-I Atlanta Chapter Madison, WI 404-918-0108 more
MCA-I Central Carolina Chapter Raleigh, NC 919-531-1666 more
MCA-I Detroit Chapter Detroit, MI 248-302-3904 more
MCA-I Madison Chapter Madison, WI 888-899-6224 more
MCA-I New Jersey Chapter Toms River, NJ 973-610-2019 more
MCA-I Ohio Valley Chapter Dayton, OH 937-277-6868 more
MCA-I San Diego Chapter San Diego, CA 858-437-2302 more
MCA-I St. Louis Chapter Madison, WI 888-899-6224 more
McCann Detroit Birmingham, MI 248-203-8000 more
McCann Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN 612-347-1000 more
McCann New York New York, NY 646-865-2000 more
McCormick Company Amarillo, TX 806-374-5333 more
mcgarrybowen Advertising New York, NY 212-598-2900 more
McKinney New York, NY 646-380-5820 more
McKinney Durham, NC 919-313-0802 more
McKinney New York New York, NY, NY 646-380-5800 more
McRoberts Protective Agency, Inc. New York, NY 212-425-6500 more
MDC Partners New York, NY 646-429-1800 more
Mechanism Digital New York, NY 646-230-0230 more
Media Services New York, NY 212-366-9390 more
Media Transcripts New York, NY 212-362-1481 more
Media100/Boris FX Marlboro, MA 703-462-1640 more
Mediakite New York, NY 212-947-4703 more
MEET Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV 702-734-6338 more
Megatrax Production Music North Hollywood, CA 818-255-7100 more
Melendez, Bill Productions Sherman Oak, CA 818-382-7382 more
Mercer Media Glen Head, NY 212-627-8070 more
Meridian Air Charter Teterboro, NJ 800-882-2333 more
Merkle Columbia, MD 443-542-4000 more
Merkley & Partners New York, NY 212-805-7500 more
Method Studios New York, NY 212-907-1200 more
Metro Film Cars, Inc. Belleville, NJ 973-450-1692 more
Metro Office Furniture Rentals New York, NY 212-736-4200 x104 more
Metropolis Film Labs New York, NY 212-563-9388 more
Metropolis Post New York, NY 212-563-9388 more
Metropolitan Lumber and Hardware New York, NY 212-246-9090 more
Metrotalk Inc. Lorton, VA (703) 337-4637 more
Metrovision Production Group New York, NY (212) 989-1515 more
MGM Studios, Inc. New York, NY 212-708-0327 more
Miami International Film Festival Miami, FL 305-237-FILM more
Michael Andews Audio Visual Services Inc. New York, NY 212-265-2660 more
Michael Carson Productions, Inc New York, NY 212-765-2300 more
Michael Cassara Casting New York, NY 212-564-6700 more
Michael Moser / Media Washington, DC 202-293-1780 more
Michelle's Kitchen Rego Park, NY 212-996-0012 more
Michigan Film Office Lansing, MI (800) 477-3456 (FILM) more
Micro V Technologies New York, NY 877-287-5677 more
Midtown Lumber Mart New York, NY 212-675-2230 more
Midwood Ambulance Brooklyn, NY 718-645-1000 more
Mik Cribben, D.P. / Steadicam FL, NY, 800-235-2713 more
Military Channel Silver Spring, MD 240-662-2000 more
Millennium Film Workshop New York, NY 212-673-0090 more
Miller Camera Support, LLC Cedar Grove, NJ 973-857-8300 more
Miller's Rentals Edison, NJ 732-985-3050 more
MindShare New York, NY 212-297-7000 more
MindShare Toronto, ON 419-987-5100 more
Minnesota Film & TV Minneapolis, MN 612-767-0095 more
Mirage Productions Inc. Newton, NJ 973-300-9477 more
Mirum San Diego, CA 619-237-5552 more
Mississippi Film Office Jackson, MS 601-359-3297 more
Mississippi Public Broadcasting Jackson, MS 800-922-9698 more
Mixopolis Audio Post Production New York, NY 212-980-5009 more
Mobile Messenger Service New York, NY 212-247-7400 more
Mobile Video Productions, Inc. New York, NY 212-924-9616 more
Models On The Movie Cherry Hill, NJ 856-667-1060 more
Modernage New York, NY 212-997-1800 more New York, NY 212-628-7582 more
Mole-Richardson Co. Pacoima, CA 323-851-0111 more
Mole-Richardson Co. Pacoima, CA (323) 851-0111 more
Mongo Media New York, NY 212- 213-3670 more
Monster Remotes Union, NJ 646-330-5133 more
Montana Film Office Helena, MT 800-553-4563 more
Moondog Edit New York, NY 212-983-3348 more
Moore PA Hire Inc. Brooklyn, NY 718-389-8727 more
Motion Analysis Corporation Santa Rosa, CA 707-579-6500 more
Motion Picture Association Of America Washington, DC 202-293-1966 more
Motion Picture Editors (IATSE Local 700) New York, NY 212-302-0700 more
Motion Picture Editors Guild Los Angeles, CA 323-876-4770 more
Motion Picture Enterprises, Inc. New York, NY 212-245-0969 more
Motion Picture Sound Editors-M.P.S.E. Toluca Lake, CA 818-506-7731 more
Motion Picture Studio Mechanics / IATSE Local 491 Wilmington, NC 910-343-9408 more
Motorola Brooklyn, NY 718-330-2163 more
Mountain Apple Co. Kailua, HI 808-597-1888 more
Mountainfilm Festival Telluride, CO 970-728-4123 more
Movie Gun Services LLC Babylon, NY 866-888-2737 more
Movie Time Cars, Inc North Arlington, NJ 201-955-0934 more
Moving Art West Los Angeles, CA 323-436-2229 more
Moving Picture Machine Operators New York, NY 212-956-1306 more
Moving Pictures New York, NY 212-924-7364 more
Moxie Atlanta, GA 678-916-4500 more
MPE Florida Orlando, FL 863-216-0808 more
MPSI Security, Inc. Fresh Meadows, NY 718-672-6406 more
Mr. John, Inc. Keasbey, NJ 800-628-8955 more
Mr. Wonderful New York, NY 212-457-6500 more
Mr. X Gotham New York, NY 212-993-7878 more
MRM McCann San Francisco, CA 415-262-5600 more
MSE Media Solutions Los Angeles, CA (800) 626-1955 more
MSNBC Secaucus, NJ 212-664-8844 more
MTV 2 - Music Television 2 New York, NY 212-258-8000 more
Mulberry Studio, Inc. Cambridge, MA 800-886-4996 more
Mullen Lowe Boston, MA 617-226-9000 more
Multivision Reston, VA 703-225-1000 more
Murray Hill Studios, Inc. New York, NY 212-889-4200 more
Music Choice Horsham, PA 215-784-5840 more
Music Television Network (MTV) New York, NY 212-258-8000 more
Musivision, Inc. Weston, CT 917-601-2922 more
Mutual Hardware Co. Long Island City, NY 866-361-2480 more
MyCaseBuilder Paterson, NJ 866-71-CASES more
Myrtle Beach International Film Festival Myrtle Beach, SC 843-497-0220 more
MYS-TV Studios Stonington, CT 860-535-3662 more

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