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Subjects available include: HD - real time and time-lapse - clouds, suns, moons, flowers, American scenics, cities, wildlife, lightning, aerials, wildlife, foreign locations, Americana, industry.SD - All subjects 1895 to today. Feature films, newsreels, Real time and Time-lapse, lightning, aerials, wildlife (underwater, North & South American, African, Polar etc.), foreign locations, Americana, sports, military, music, slapstick, stunts.One of the many qualities that set Classic Images apart from other stock footage libraries is the over 30 years of experience of our staff and our ability to deal with legal and historical issues that very often arise in the area of vintage film and stock footage. We are a storehouse of knowledge concerning film properties and personalities and their legal clearances. Call us or send an email and we will help you in any way we can.

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