K.P. Pro Video
87-07 Jamaica Avenue
Woodhaven, NY  11421

DEAL! Batteries/Chargers:

City Tek
(4) TLS-65S Sony Style Batteries (New) $250 each
(2) C-2LS Dual Sony Style Charger (New) $300 each

IDX VL-4 Endura Series Quad Charger (Used) $400

(1) BCM50 Dual Charger (Used) $300
(1) BCL100 Quad Li-ION/Ni-CAD Charger (Used) $400
(2) BPL-40 Battery (Used) $100 each
(1) BPL-40a Battery (Used) $100

Anton Bauer:
(2) Life Saver Quad Charger (Used) $400 each
(2) Hytron 50 Batteries (New) $200 each
(1) Trimpac 14 Battery (New) $200

KP Pro Video buys, sells, trades and cosigns professional and broadcast video/audio equipment. We have hundreds of products in stock and we are getting new items in each and every day.

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